A Little Bit About Me

So a little about me.

In the mountains of Nicaragua

I am a 45 year old teacher in Ontario.  I am currently  teaching  in a lovely little school north of Bancroft in the village of Maynooth.

I have a number of hobbies which I never seem to have time for.  I enjoy photography, SCUBA diving, camping, canoeing, hiking and traveling.

This blog will mainly be about my various adventures in Canada and around the World.  I have had the amazing opportunity and privilege to

Sipping water from a glacier in Iceland

visit some outstanding countries.  There are many more that I still would like to visit.

This blog will also be a venue for me to share some of my photography and other hobbies with my followers.

Great Barrier Diving
Diving the Great Barrier Reef in Australia



My black lab Keeva accompanies me on many of my  adventures and is a wonderful companion to come home to.

I am a technology nut, seeking out new cool technology when my budget and time allow.  I am also a very proud member of ETFO, supporting and advocating for the rights of Ontario’s elementary teachers.

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