Update #1

So here is my first update.  I have updated my list again and am now sitting at 90 items on it.

So far I have only completed one item from the list.  When I created this blog I was able to cross off # 16 ‘Create a blog to blog about 101 in 1001’

Right now I am working on the following tasks:

  • Lose between 40-50 pounds  by day 400 and
    So far I have lost 11 pounds, only 29-39 to go!
  • Clean the kitchen after dinner each night for a period of 2 months.( Started Jan 6)
    As odd as it sounds for those that know me, this has been a somewhat calming experience to have a clean kitchen each night.
  • Complete the Couch to 5k program.
    I have 2 weeks to go in completing the program.  It has been an interesting adventure considering I am now up to running anywhere from 10-20 minutes at a time.  
  • Donate blood 10 times which would make it 60 times in my life (1/10) Donation one occurred Jan 29, 2013 and number two is scheduled for the end of March
  • Complete this list
    I am up to number 90 — Please keep your suggestions coming.
  • In a 2 month period only go grocery shopping once a week
    I started this on January 6, and so far I have only shopped for groceries once a week.  It has helped with my budgeting and helped me to plan my meals.

I am looking for ways to have people subscribe to my blog so that you can receive updates when I add a new post or make changes.

Thanks for your comments on the previous posts and for the suggestions of items to add to the list.

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