So after a very long flight…… I know everyone told me it would be but until you experience it, I guess you don’t fully understand. I did learn some important lessons on the flight though. Like those little airline pillow aren’t really all that comfortable ans I will be buying a neck pillow before my retur  trip. I think I managed to sleep a couple hours maybea bit more total during the flight.  At one point i I had just gotten to sleep (it had the potential of being a long one) when I was awoken by a scream beside me. It sees that the guy sitting in front of me decided that even though his seat had extra leg room, he needed to spread out more, so he decided that he would lie in the aisle.  The scream came from the flight attendent as she tripped on him and banged her head into the divided between ecomony and executive. She was alright, but did has some nasty bruising and a bump on the head.
My arrival and travel in the airport was smooth and quick, The plane landed at 9am local time and I wasout of the airport by 10:15.

Now for the lessons learned.  When you are on a flight that long, either pack a change of clothes in your carry on and change on the plane, or immediately after cleaing customs.  I did have the thought to pack my toiletries near the top of my backpack, and was able to get cleaned up before heading out. I did manage to pack a shirt at the top of the backpack too, but when you are landing 25-30 C shorts and sandals would have been nice too.

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