Walking and More Walking

I discovered a great service here in Sydney. There is a service that was started by two young peoeple called I’m Free. They provide a free walking tour of Sydney. They catch the highlights and interesting low lights of Sydney’s past, historical sites, and Interesting places. They also provide some tips about visiting free museums, where you can get cheaper meals etc.  The first tour of the day started beside Town Hall and over 3 hours worked down toward the harbour and around the area known as The Rocks. The second tour cocused on the area known as The Rocks, which was the area of town where the convicts were settled. The stories of gangs and debauchery were quite something. More cities should have something like this. At the end of the tour, you simply tip (if you wish) what you think the tour was worth. They also offer the same service in Melbourne, so I am going to check that out when I am there at the end of the month.
Even though the tours were touching quickly on some parts, it points out the places that I would like to return to take more photos and learn more about, like Hyde Park and the little lane way in the financial district that has many many bird cages hanging in it with audio recordings playing of the birds that once filled the trees in the area before the highrises were built.

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