Bondi and Beyond

Yesterday (Thursday), I made a trek out to Bondi Beach, what a great place. Here they are having an art exhibit called Sculptures By The Sea. The scuputures are displayed along the ocean side walkway. 
I think I have figured out the coffee ordering here. It is just a tad different than back home. From what I have learned it is based on espresso not the drip coffee back home. So just a black coffee is a ‘long black’.  I also find the ordering in pubs quite neat. You place your order at the bar for food or drinks, pay for it and they give you a number, then bring your food to your table. This way when you are finished you can just get up and leave, no having to wait for the bill.  Now something else I have leaned (maybe by experience) is that the escalators go up on the left and down on the right.
Pictures of the day at Bondi, the sculptures, and the walk I took from Bondi to Coogee will be posted later today or tomorrow.

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  1. I like the way you order food and drinks at pubs. Finish your meal and go. Fantastic idea. Let’s get it started in Bancroft!

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