Tasmanian Road Trip Day 4 — Cradle Mountain back to Huonville

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Day four of the road tip saw us waking up to pouring rain.  Luckily the place we stayed had an indoor kitchen facility where we could cook our breakfast and get a bit dry.  We drove into Cradle Mountain National Park and along the single lane road until we got to Dove Lake.  Took a couple of quick pictures in the rain and felt sorry for the people heading out on the 6 day overland hike in the rain.  From there it was back on the road stopping at Crackpot for a coffee and a few pictures.  The Laird of Crackpot is a miniature village and a maze. We didn’t enter the village, as the entrance fee was a tad steep at $23, and we didn’t really have a few hours to spend there.  From there it was on the Liffey Falls and a short hike and lunch.

We didn’t go to Nowhere Else as we had someplace to be.

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