370 Days Down and 731 Days Remaining

So I figured that seeing as how it has just been over 370 days since I started my 101 goals/tasks in 1001 days, I would write a post commenting on my progress so far.

The purpose of setting the goals was to move from an ‘ I should do that’ kind of person to a ‘ I have done that’ or to gain better habits.  So far after the first year, I can say that by checking the list I have been pretty successful and am looking forward to the remaining 631 days.

This year has seen me get my grocery shopping down to once a week which helped in budgeting and menu planning.  I do have to say that being off in the fall I have slide back a bit but hopefully now I can get this going again.  This year also saw me train for and complete my first ever 5k race. The biggest event of the first 370 days was my 5 week trip to Australia deemed my ‘Amazing Aussie Adventure’.  This was an amazing trip that saw me step out of my comfort zone a bit which was needed.  The adventure took me from the big city of Sydney, the wonderful beaches there , the raging waters of the Tully River. the Daintree Rainforest, and the depths of the Great Barrier Reef.  It also me spend 4 days camping in the Outback and visiting memorable sites such as Uluru (Ayers Rock), and King’s Canyon.  The adventure then took me to Tasmania and the wonderful people and nature that exists there.

The first 370 days haven’t been without setbacks though.  It seems that my first goal of losing 40-50 pounds by day 400 will not be attained.  This doesn’t mean that I am giving up on that I just need to focus on it more.  I also have learned that setting goals that depend on the weather can somewhat be difficult to maintain and manage.  One such goal is the going cross country skiing 3 times each winter as well as the diving 5 times each summer.  I guess that moving forward I need to focus on managing the time a little better and jumping on the nice weather as it arises and just get out there and not focus on some of the tiny details.

Looking toward the next year.  I will continue to work on the goals that are in progress such as digitizing photos and important documents.  I will also continue to focus on some of the larger goals.  This next year will see me complete my photo a day for 3 months, as well as some of the goals that will need time to complete.

Looking back on this project, I can say that I am glad that I took on this challenge and it is meeting the expectations that I had going into it.

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