Such a Moving Day

Today I took a tour to the Canadian Sector of the D-Day invasion. We visited some pretty memorable sites. Here is a description of the tour I took with Normandy Sightseeing Tours. These photos are from the first stop at the village of Saint Aubin. The gun and bunker are part of the Atlantic Wall.

View of the bunker from the beach. Notice that the gun didnt point out to sea, but rather could be aimed back into the village or along the beach.
A panoramic view of the beach and the ocean. It was low tide when we visited, just as it was low tide at thr time of the battle on June 6th. However the beach does look very different. There arent any obstacles, traps or mines.
Damage done to the bunker by Canadian forces. Notice how reinforced the concrete was.

Beach at Saint Aubin
Sea wall along Saint Aubin. These wall were in place at the time of the war.

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