Manuel Antonio

We’ve been in Manuel Antonio for the last few days and are enjoying the change in weather and temperature of the mountains. It has been sunny and hot each day, with the exception of a quick thunderstorm yesterday.

Manuel Antonio is actually two smaller communities. One is down at the beach and the other is a short 2 minute bus ride up a hill overlooking the beach and ocean. Other than the beach the main attraction here is Manuel Antonio National Park. After a couple days of relaxing we had booked a tour of the park. It is full of wild life and thanks to the keen eye of our guide we were able to spot many different creatures. After wandering along the trails you end up at the beaches. There are five beaches that make up the Manuel Antonio area. One is the public beach right in town and the other four are within the park itself. Beach three is the busy beach with all the monkeys and raccoons looking for treats. The second beach is an easy walk and is much quieter and less rocky. The other beaches are further walks along the trails and we decided we were fine with our 2 options. Before hanging out at the beach we decided to hike another 1.2k along the Cathedral Trail. The trail takes you up up up to a series of look outs over the ocean. They were interesting but not sure if the hike up was worth it. As we were hiking the trail, we started to hear thunder and then right at the end we got caught in a downpour. It was kind of refreshing after the hike.

After hanging out at the beach it was time to walk back out and hang by the pool for a bit….. A hard life I know. At this hotel there are a few creatures that like to hang out in the sun and look for treats.

The day was topped off by a dinner at El Sol. El Sol is right across from the beach and serves typical Costa Rican fare along with other dishes. They also have happy hour from 4-6 each night and other drink specials as well. We didn’t check it out but they have a roof top patio where you can sit and watch the sunset.

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