Diving Day 4

Had another awesome day of diving. Today I did 4 out of the  4 dives. All of today’s dives were in the Ribbon Reefs. The first two took place at a location called Steve’s Bommie. It is a nice pinnacle rising from the depths. Here I saw another shark, lots of colourful fish, including a clown fish (Nemo), many goldfish, an a very small creature that conducts electricity.  The 3rd and 4th dives were at another location close by again amazing fish. On the second dive I saw a moray eel, very freaky looking.
We are currently cruising back to Carins, where we get off the boat bright and early tomorrow morning. I hope to post some pictures from the dives tomorrow, but just due to the size of the videos, they will have to wait until I get home. Speaking of videos, it appears that the card that was in the camera when it flooded wasn’t damaged and I do have the videos from those dives. It does look though like the camera it self is pooched. It will turn on but not keep the card in or recognize a card.

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  1. I`ve really enjoyed reading your dive posts. I can relate to your camera issue. I walked into the surf with my camera in my pocket while in Cancun. I put the camera in a baggy with dry rice and hoped for the best. The card eventually worked but the camera didn`t. Glad to hear that you can recover the data on your card. RIP camera.

  2. Oh, Jason, so sorry to hear about your camera, but glad that, at least you recovered the data. Can’t wait to see the shots. Your dives sound exciting. How can y’all keep diving with all that eating!?! You must be loving that part! P is jealous!!! Loving the day-to-day action you keep giving us. Keep it up! P.S. House is fine, mail keeps building!

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