Finding Nemo…… and His Friends

Today was day 3 of a four day diving trip. The pattern repeated itself today.  Eat, dive, eat, dive, eat, dive, eat, dive and eat again. In between dives there is time to relax on the deck or watch some tv. We started out at Silver City, a good dive, saw 6 sharks off in the distance, just some reef sharks or white tipped sharks. The second and third dives happened at a site called The Castles. Lots of intersting things here. Again I saw a shark and followed it for a bit. It was sleeping on the bottom. We also saw a couple of clown fish aka Nemo, the first ones I have seen this trip, as well we saw a nice big pinkish orange  anemone.
An unfortunate thing happened after that dive. I put my camera into the fresh water was tank and I must have hit the latch as when I went back to retreive the camera I noticed that the housing had flooded. It is in the process of drying out in rice and in the engine room. Hopefully it will work again tomorrow. The really bad thing is that when I put the card in the reader it says that it is blank. I hope that I can find someone to recover the videos from the card when I get home. I wil not be using that card again until someone has a look at it.
Tonight we are traveling south toward Cairns to the Ribbon Reefs for 4 dives tomorrow. It is my plan to complete all for dives tomorrow, today I only did 3/4 as lunch was giving me issues and I didn’t want to risk feeding the fish while I was 50-60 feet under water.

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