Reef Dive Trip Day 2

So it was a rough night of rocking back and forth as we travelled out into the Coral Sea to Osprey Reef. I had taken some medication so, I wasnt bothered too much and slept pretty soundly until the 6am wake up for breakfast number 1. After that breakfast it was time for dive number one. It was very clear and there were some sharks that we saw alond with numerous other fish. After that dive was complete it was time for breakfast number 2. This time a full breakfast of bacon and eggs. There was one  more dive before lunch. That dive was the shark feed dive.  What an amazing experience, sitting along a coral wall and all sorts of sharks are coming in for the feeding, some swimming just meters in front of me……wow!!!   After that dive it was time for lunch, then another dive which I sat out as I was feeling a little tired. I did dive the one before dinner, where we saw 3 more sharks and swam through a little tunnel. The visability here is almost endless. After dinner it was time for the night dive. What a much better night dive than my training one on the Crowe River in Marmora. Here the visability was great and  the coral was amazing. I saw many parrot fish, they are huge! Along with a few other tiny fish.
I was able to use the GoPro to film the shark feed and another dive. I will post them when I get a chance, but it might not be until I get home and can edit them a touch as each one is over a gb in size right now.  I am learning a lot on the dives and am more confident now than I was at the beginning. In the last 2 days I have done 6 dives compared to the 8 I had done up till that point.

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