Reef Dive Trip Day One

This is one of the highlights of my trip. Bright and early I was picked up from the hostel and delivered to Hinterland Air for a charter flight out to Lizard Island to meet the dive boat where I will be staying for four days. As you can see by the pictures in another post, the plane wasn’t a  747 by any means.  It was a good low level flight out from Cairns over the reef and islands. We arrived at the little and I mean little airport on Lizard Island. It is only a shelter maybe 25 feet by 25 feet. From there it was into zodiacs (tenders) out to the boat that was moored in the bay. Here began our many safety and procedure dives of the afternoon. I by far am the most in experienced diver on the trip, with only 8 dives up to this point. After a wonderful lunch it was time for our first dive of the day. Down to 50 feet. Lots of interesting coloured fish and other reef life. After a 45 min dive it was snack time (fruit, wings, and cake) after a brief time it was then ‘dive time’ a second dive again to about 50 feet. This time we spotted a puffer fish, 3 reef sharks and many other colourful fish. After the dive it was time for dinner (lamb with pumpkin mash).  After dinner it was time to lift anchor and head out to the coral sea. According to the captian, it could be a night of rocking and rolling and I doubt he is talking about the music. I will post pictures of the dives as I get them figured out the same as video. I didn’t take any video today as I wanted to get my bearings. There are 5 planned dives for tomorrow.

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