Some R&R in the Nicaraguan Mountains

After spending five days in Granada and building in the community of Jardines de Apoyo we headed in to the mountains near Matagalpa for two nights.  We stayed at the Selva Negra Ecolodge and Coffee Estate.   This was a great place.  It is a self-sustaining lodge that produces almost everything it needs.  We toured the coffee production facilities, tasted and rated coffee as a professional cupper would do, and took a hike in the rain forest.  The early morning (5:30) wake up call came courtesy of the howler monkeys. This was a great place to relax and drink a great cup of coffee that only had to travel a few kilometres from the bush to my cup.

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  1. Hey, I noticed that Bancroft’s sign wasn’t on that little hut! What gives? (Hee, Hee!) Great pics and looks like you had wonderful weather there also.

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