And I’m Off Again

The time has finally arrived. I have taken another deferred salary leave and am heading out on new adventurers. Over the next 5 months, be sure to follow me on my exciting journeys.

First up is a 3 week trip to Iceland, France and Belgium . These are 3 places I’ve wanted to visit for quite sometime. Iceland will see me travel the black beaches and glaciers of the southern coast. My journeys in France and Belgium will see me visit many of the WWI & WWII sites.

Stay tuned for more pictures and accounts of my adventures.

4 thoughts on “And I’m Off Again

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  1. ‘K, a smile will let us know that you are enjoying yourself! (Hee, Hee!) Great weather to begin such a fantastic trip! Keep those pics comin’!

  2. Have a great trip, Jason. Didn’t you have a Flat Stanley or stuffed animal to photobomb your pictures on your last trip? Any plans for one?

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