Icelandic Adventures

It was quite a long day. Shortly after getting my little Suzuki Swift I hit the road heading to the South coast of Iceland. My plan is to go as far as Höfn area before heading back to Keflavik and flying on to Paris September 5.

Tonight I am staying at a great little place called the Lindatún Guesthouse just south of Hvolsvöllur. On the way I stopped at the Lava Tunnels to walk in tunnels carved out thousands of years ago by lava.

I ended the day at the Seljalandfoss Waterfall. There is a trail that runs behind the waterfall.

And of course I stopped a few times to take some pictures along the road.

Europe to the left and North America to the right. Standing between the 2 continental plates. This was the site of a 2008 earthquake. Later in the trip when I return to Iceland, I will be snorkeling between the plates at another location.

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