Fog…..oh my!

Today I started my journey back to the airport. I left the B&B near Höfn and my first stop was to check out how the icebergs at the Jökulsárlón Lagoon were looking. Wow most of the ones from the other day had made their way down to the mouth of the lagoon. It was foggy so I couldn’t see too far back into the lagoon. I then went across the highway and saw that many of thechunks of ice had made their way to the ocean only to have washed back on the beach.

Then I continued west to Dyrhólaey nature preserve. Unfortunately, it was covered in fog so the view from the lighthouse was non existent and I only caught a short fog shrouded glimpse of the hole in the rock. See the link to see what it actually looks like. I stayed for a bit and took a few pictures of the rocks and waves then I moved on.

As I drove west, I saw a cave in the cliffside, so I stopped and took a look. Apparently it is where the early parliament for the area met, oh and apparently it is haunted. The walls are covered in ferns and as legend goes if you pick a fern you are doomed to bad luck. I didn’t pick one so don’t worry.

I then rolled into the little town of Hella for the night and had time to spare before dinner so I checked out the pool and hot tubs. Not as nice a facility as the one in Höfn that I visited yesterday, but still nice to sit in the hot tub and relax for a bit. Most of the small towns have a pool like these.

Tomorrow I head back to the airport area to catch an early flight on Tuesday to Paris. Before I leave Hella I’m going to give horseback riding a shot. At the last minute I booked a trip with Hella Horse Rental. This should be interesting as I haven’t been on a horse since grade 8 when we went to the Dominican Republic.

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