Horses and Hot Springs… Goodbye to Iceland for now.

Steam coming from the ground.
My new friend Molde and I by the largest wild salmon river in Iceland
Molde was very friendly and thankful I didn’t have the horse steak for dinner the night before.

Molde’s friend wanting to go as well, but it was just a ride for 1 today.
Pond of hot bubbling water.
You can sort of see the boiling water.

Decided that I needed to do something today, so I emailed the Hella Horse Rental people last night at 7 and sure enough they had a spot for me this morning at 10. It was a great 1.5 hour ride and it turns out everyone else didn’t like the prospect of rain, so I had a private tour. The guide was a nice young lady from France hoping to get a student working visa for Canada at some point. As it was only my second time in a horse, I was given Molde. He was the calmest horse of the bunch. It was a great ride.

I then headed back to the airport stopping along the way at a geothermal hot spot. It was neat to see the water boiling up from the ground.

The little Suzuki Swift has been a great little car, however I do miss my Rav. Many of the parking lots are rough and I was worried about bottoming out in the potholes in some roadside parking lots. I think I’ll rent a larger car when I come back.

With my laundry done it will be an early night as I hope on a 7:30am flight to Paris to begin the next adventure. Iceland has been great, it is an amazing country with very friendly people. I’ll be back here for a couple more days after I practice my French for 11 days.

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