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Back in 2014, I traveled to Nicaragua with SchoolBox to help build a new school in the community of Jardines de Apoyo.

In November, I have the opportunity to travel with this amazing organization again.  I will be helping build a classroom  at the El Porvenir School in Matagalpa.  This is a small community in the coffee growing region of Nicaraugua.  Currently the school has 77 students from kindergarten to grade 6.  Currently the kindergarten students share a classroom with the 4th, 5th and 6th graders, divided only by a piece of plastic. Lack of space and excessive noise make it an extremely challenging learning environment. This build will add an additional classroom so that all students have an optimal learning environment. For information about this project please check out

During my 2014 trip I witnessed first hand the challenges that student and teachers face in this community.  Children were learning  in classrooms without walls or using tarps as walls.  The metal roofs had holes in them, letting the rain in.  At one point during the trip, I had the opportunity to assist some students with their math.  It was a windy day and the dust from the sandy yard was blowing through the class and blowing the books and papers around.  Despite this, the children were resilient and worked hard, as they realized how important education is to help them out of the cycle of extreme poverty.  Another thing that blew me away during this trip was how the community members, including the students would come to the build site to help build their new school.  To learn more about my last trip you can check out this link.

I have set a goal of $500 to help build the school.  These funds will go directly to the classroom building project.  Any donations are greatly appreciated.

To donate follow this link:  Making Education Possible – CanadaHelps

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