Final day in Nicaragua

We spent our final day here in Nicaragua being tourists and checking out some great spots in Masaya and Granada. We were lucky enough to visit a guitar maker that makes his guitars completely by hand. After a quick stop there we were off to the museum of chocolate in Granada. Here we were given a tour and a chance to sample some of the products including the chocolate rum, a tea made with the shell of the cocoa bean and a version of Bailey’s. Everything was delecious! From there it was of to lunch at Villas Mombacho beside the lake. At this restaurant you also have a view of Ometempe Island and the volcanos there. A truly remarkable spot. We had eaten here the last time I was here and I am glad we returned again this time. In a small village outside of Masaya we visited the home of a potter and were even able to try our hand at spinning the wheel (with your foot) and making a bowl…. the host did say that the bowels we made would not be fired and would be recycled, maybe a comment about our workmanship. Before heading back to Managua for a final dinner with the school box team, we hit the market in Masaya. If you do plan on visiting the market here, I strongly suggest visiting late in the afternoon as it isn’t crowed by the other tour buses from the ships and coming up from Costa Rica. We capped the day off by a final farewell dinner at the SchoolBox offices. This was a dinner full of laughs and emotions as we had a chance to speak about and share our thoughts on the trip with the whole SchoolBox team. It has been a great 10 days here in Nicaragua. Ten days full of fun, laughter, tears and reflection on how lucky I am for the opportunities that have been provided to me and the responsibility I have to do what I can to make the world a better place.

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