Time to head home aka planes, trains and automobiles

It was an early start at Hotel Los Pinos in Managua, Nicaragua as I was up at 3:50 to head to the airport for a 6:05 am flight. It was time to say good by to Hector, David and our driver Franklin as I began my trek back to Bancroft. The first flight was just a short haul of 50 minutes to San Salvador and then a short lay over (just enough time to walk from one end of the airport to the other to catch the flight back to Toronto. I had never flown Avianca before, but I must say I am really impressed with the planes, and crew. The plane was a newer plane with at your seat entertainment and usb ports for charging your devices. Their in flight entertainment system uses the 2 pronged head sets, but don’t worry about having to fork out money, as they are also complementry. There is a lot of leg room and i didn’t feel crammed in like I did on my last flight with Air Canada Rouge. was a great flight with full in flight service. They even provided a small snack and drink service on the short 50 minute flight. The flight from San Salvador included breakfast of your choice of omelette or a ham and cheese sandwich. The omelette was pretty good. They also provide complementary drink service including alcoholic beverages. I will definitely be considering Avainca for future flights to Central or South America.

Once landing in Toronto, it was off to catch the Union-Pearson Express, I order to catch my train back to Belleville where I made the very familiar drive back to Bancroft. Now it is time to rest up and prepare for my next adventure in January when I head back south to Central America to have some fun in Costa Rica.

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