Pura Vida 

Pura Vida is the saying down here in Costa Rica, basically it mean simple life or pure life.  I can certainly see why. It is a great place and even after just one day I can see how relaxing it is.

I am spending the first 4 days of the trip in the beach town of Tamarindo. It is a great little town where everyone is very friendly and everything is in walking distance to the beach.

Some good Costa Rican coffee an chocolate croissant at Cafe Tico
Tamarindo Beach
Tamarindo Beach
Quarter morning (wasn’t quite mid morning yet) snack. Fresh fruit plate, coffee, espresso, mixed fruit drink, and a little taste of Ireland in a shot glass.

After exploring Tamarindo, I decided to take a catamaran cruise out to see the sunset. I wasn’t disappointed!

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  1. We just received devastating news in an email:
    After much conversation with my husband and family, it has been decided to rent to family members long term.
    Barb and Dave Morden
    Back to Kijiji!!!

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