Sun, Sand and Food and Fun

I’ve spent the last few days in Tamarindo and doing some relaxing and excursions. I was able to get 4 dives in with Scuba Dive Costa Rica.

Theses are some pictures from the last couple of days. I’ll be able to add the diving videos and pictures later from my tablet as they take a bit of work to get from my GoPro to WordPress. But let me just say it was a great diving experience. We had a manta ray swim above us, saw a group of 8 devil rays, a couple sharks sleeping on the ocean floor, all sorts of tropical fish and eels and on the final dive yesterday spotted lobsters and a sea turtle.

One of the excursions I went on was a night time trip to watch the turtles. It was kind of a neat experience, where you drive down this dirt road, and then walk almost a kilometre through the woods to a quiet beach. Once at the beach you need to turn the flashlights off and the guide looks for the turtles. We were lucky to spot a couple turtles coming up on the beach. One decided to stay and lay her eggs and the other didn’t like the spot so she turned back to the water.

Today I’m off to the airport to pick up my sister and her husband and we are off to La Fortuna near the Arenal volcano.

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